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gillham Lake
Gillham Lake

Gillham Lake is a great place to camp, hike, float the rapids, or just relax

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This old House

The above picture is of an old, old home, or cabin.  I have talked to people that remember a family living there in the 1920's.  I can tell you that it does not only look small, but it is very small.  It sets about 100 feet on the oposite side of my fence.  I like to look at these type of buildings.  Most of these old cabins I have seen were small, drafty, and were built to stand and that is more than I can say for most homes built now.

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            Summer Treat
      There is nothing like home made ice cream.  It is fun to make and great to eat.  It cools you down with flavor.  Did you know that our friends in nature like for us to make ice cream?  Generally we use some form of salt with the ice to decrease the temperature and to give us a quick freeze.        If you will take that salt watery mix and pour it outside the animals will love you or at least be appreciative.    You dig a small spot, shovel deep and shovel width, then pour the mix.
      When we speak about putting salt and minerals out for the wildlife most people tend to think deer.  Deer as well as your small game need salt and mineral.  They are accustomed to receiving it from the ground and will sometimes make a large hole to get all the salt and mineral they can. 
       By doing this you will be helping the wildlife population.    Marc Rosson







Outdoor Adventures


                                                    Eroded Beauty
          You have heard of the Grand Canyon, a truly remarkable sight.  South and east of Rapid City, SD, there is another place of eroded beauty that can capture your imagination, the Badlands of South Dakota.  Badlands National Park is operated in the north by the National Parks Service and in the south by the Sioux Tribe. 
          As you drive through the lands the view is awesome and breath taking.  The view makes me think of a cavern roof turned upside down, yes with the points up.  The white color and steep bluffs might tingle your spine.  Wildlife seems abundant for that type of an area.  Many , many years of erosion has made this land very interesting.  I have been to a lot of neat places, but I have been to the badlands more than once and intend to go back again.
          The south side has a great information center with knowledgeable people.  While you’re there, if you need something, you might buy it from the Sioux.  I am sure that they could use the money more than the NPS.  The Native Americans have places they set up and sell trinkets to tourist.  Outside of the park there are many things you can make a good trip at.  In the area is: Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, SD where Wild Bill Hickok is buried, Sturgis, etc. 
          South of the Badlands Park on the Pine Ridge Reservation you will find a place called Wounded Knee.  There is a memorial to the unarmed Sioux who were shot down by the soldiers to make an example out of them.  The Massacre at Wounded Knee was a massacre.  Southwestern South Dakota is beautiful and full of history.  Marc Rosson  

Badlands of South Dakota


I had to share this.  It is not a great picture, but it is neat.  This is something I will not do.


My New Addition

This is my original horse and her new stud colt.  I love having animals born.  The young critters are fun to watch and training them is a job.  If you think about it we train all our pets to like us, we train livestock to follow us, and children to be like us.  The old horse here is not to old maybe 15 years I have cogins papers some where that tell.  I hope that you like the picture and sadly my other horse did not get bred last year for she makes great colts as well. 
Marc Rosson


Summer Kick Off

          Memorial Day is coming up fast and is the traditional start to summer. Camping, cooking, and a few people will actually remember its true meaning.  To me it is a day to represent the many lost lives that paid for our freedom.  I hope that no number of corrupt politicians will take that freedom away. 
           I think a lot about the meanings of different holidays and how the meaning is gone and fun took its place.  So, if for no more than a moment, on those holidays I hope that you can give them the dedication that they were established for.
Marc Rosson


The Great Smell in the Outdoors 

          In late May 2008, my family and I were camping on Beaver Dam Lake in northwest Arkansas.   I got a campsite close the restrooms, the lake and the timber.   We got the tent up, the kids swam a bit and we were just fixing to eat when the people in an RV across from us took their dogs out for a doodle break.
           The man took two dogs on one side of us and the woman took two dogs on the other side of us. I could see the flames in my wife’s eyes.   After she said something, they did go to the wood line with the dogs. Things like that bother her more than me, maybe I stay outside too much.  It was a great place to camp. There were a lot of carp around the marina for the kids to feed and watch.
Marc Rosson


The Narrow Feller That Slivers

         Snake!  I jumped, did you?  Most people would and for the simple reason, we have been told horrific stories about the species since before we were born.   Do you really know the differences between snakes, between poisonous and non poisonous?  Do you know the difference between helpful and mean snakes?
          Something I see a lot, especially on dirt roads, is people driving down the road in front appears a snake.  Bam!  Got it with the tire, oh its wiggling back up get it again.  Got it!  Do you know what kind it is?  Yes, it is black or brownish.  Does that tell you if it’s poisonous?  Nope.
          I, like many others, jump at the thought of a snake at my feet.  I do, however, try to identify it and normally do not kill them.  There are many different types of snakes in North America, the majority of which are not poisonous. 
          Snakes are beneficial in their own ways such as rodent control, some snakes eat poisonous ones, or if nothing else they may keep a nosey neighbor away.  There are a few types of snakes that are considered deadly if you do not get medical aid for a bite, but that is only a few don’t punish them all.
          One main identification, for most of our poisonous snakes, is if they have a triangular shaped head.  To me they look nasty.  I would ask you to go to our links page, select the province or state in which you live or play and get a vision of the good snakes versus the bad.  Each critter helps another survive in one form or fashion.
Marc Rosson  



Glad I Did

          A few weeks, in 2008, ago we were getting ready for a camping trip. Two days before I was to leave, I pulled the tent out and got a new air mattress. The tent had a surprise for me. This tent is a type of a popup tent.  It sets up in a couple of minutes, if you count getting it out of the bag.            I laid it out and was locking the four sides when I realized two of the sides had become broken. It just so happened that I had some three quarter inch hot water pipe, and I cut it to make it work.  Good thing I checked it before we took off even if it did look red necked. Please send your stories and pictures to
Marc Rosson


Glacier National Park, 072108

          We were camping in Glacier National Park in western Montana.  The first night we were there a family of German tourist camped across from us.  The park ranger was going around telling campers about the bears and mountain lions in the area and that we need to keep our kids at arms length so they will not become a snack for a critter. 
          Now our German neighbors  spoke English pretty good but did not seem to care what the ranger said they let there little boy, who was about three years old, play in the road and go from camp to camp.  It was getting late by the hours but not dark and I really liked that.  Being that it was not dark outside I sat in my lawn chair and relaxed and had a snack.  My wife and kids went in the tent and laid down, Our German neighbors called in there boy and said good night.
          It was no more than a few minutes later, behind our tent I started hearing yelling and bush breaking.  We were camped about a hundred feet from the restroom. At that time as I watched, out ran a large black bear followed by park rangers.  At the sight of the bear I thought that was one lucky kid he could have been a snack for that bear. 
Marc Rosson






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Robinson Fork River
Southwest Arkansas

The Robinson fork is an ideal location to fish in fairly clear water.

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What would your dream adventure consist of?  Think about it because if you never make the time you will never have the time to do it.  Life is too short to not have some fun.  Some times fun can lead to a better life. (Hanesbrands Inc.)  

I have made time to do many thing in my life.  I have a lot that I will do some day.  I want to go hunting and fishing in Alaska.  Alaska has been a dream for me for many years.

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One way to save fuel is to turn that ATV off and walk the trails.  I do believe in saving fuel and seeing the beauty of nature.