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gillham Lake
Gillham Lake


If you ever make it to Arkansas check out Gillham you may not want to leave.


A quick snack for a predator.

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Shooting Stabilizer
      Have you seen advertisements selling trigger sticks and other product that are supposed to help stabilize your gun as you shoot?  I have to tell you before you run out and pay money for those products to try this.         
      Find yourself two cane poles or small cut off trees.  Cut them about one inch above your nose.  Make sure to not lean into the stick to mark your cut.  This can be done for both the standing and sitting position.  Take the two rods you now have and at a hands width from the top of them bind them with a heavy rubber band or string. 
       You now have a shooting stick that was inexpensive, light to carry, and will be more stabile than many of the ones advertised.  If you are having problems with your stability after this you should lower the pull weight on your trigger.  A good gunsmith can set it for you and is recommended.  Marc Rosson

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Gander Mountain   Gander Mountain

Hunting Stories


Last Day Last Chance

        January 3, 2010, the last day of modern gun youth hunt in Arkansas brought the best shot out of Buddy.  We were siting on a hill in a one year old pine plantation at day break; it was cold and windy.  We had been at the same location the evening before where we saw 3 does and 1 buck, but they were a little over a quarter of a mile off. I was afraid that my boy could miss, but more important I knew that a 243 would not leave a blood trail to follow at that distance.
I have to admit,
we were sitting in vehicle with the wind blocked off.  What is the difference in sitting in a vehicle or in a stand?  Not a thing, you are either staying protected or hidden.  Well at 7:50 AM Buddy said, "I dont think there will be any deer out here today," as kids get impatient.  Have you ever been impatient?  
        At 7:55 I spotted a deer. It was on the side of the hill closest to us, but not directly across.  I estimated the deer at about 250 yards.  I noticed while looking through the scope that it had a severe limp and trouble walking.  I also noticed that its head had a brown tint, but there were no horns.  I decided that he could try to get that one if for no other reason than it might not survive anyway.
        I told him that he could try to shoot it if he wanted to but he had to do it all on his own.  I could see the wheels turning in his head while he got in position to shoot.  I padded his rest with a blanket to decrease his wiggle.  He cocked his gun and directly shot.  Now Buddy has been shooting 22s and BB guns since he was about three years old, and he had just turned seven.  After he shot, the deer went less than a 100 feet down hill and fell.  
        Wow, what a shot!  It was only then I remembered that I was the one who said I would drag it out.  We walked over to check it out; and, as I suspected, found that it was a buck, but had shed its antlers. It was a big buck at that!  I was not about to drag it across the valley and up the steep hill that we had just walked.  That 250 yards turned out to be just over 300 yards.  He shot it through the heart, a perfect shot and better than I do sometimes.  This was the first deer that he shot entirely on his own with no hands on help by me.  I am proud of him.

Second Amendment Holiday

           One of the best things that I have seen come out of legislatures this year is the, “Second Amendment Weekend Holiday”, passed in Louisiana.  This legislation is SB52 act no. 453 of the 2009 regular session, and the lead author was Rob Marionneaux.  It was passed in the Louisiana Senate 34-0 and in the house 78-14, an overwhelming majority.  This act provides that sales tax shall not apply to the sales price of firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies on the first consecutive Friday through Sunday of September each calendar year.
          Some of the items that are tax free under hunting supplies are: ATV’s apparel, shoes, binoculars, tools, firearms, decoys, range finders, hearing protection, archery accessories, and more.  Every state needs a bill similar to this, and one that is so simple.  I believe that this bill will help support the right to bear arms.  It will place a brighter light on outdoor activities and get more people involved.  To the authors and supporters of this bill, job well done. 
          Read the “Second Amendment Weekend Holiday” act.  Speak to your representatives and senators and ask them to do the same.  Tax free specials like this also help local businesses and will help pick up the economy.  Many people will buy more than they would have normally if they believe that they will save some money; it is a psychological thing.  As always buy American as much as possible.  Buy American save a job.  Buy abroad lose a job.  Marc Rosson


                                           An American Crosshair

          Several years ago I was given a gun and scope for my birthday.  Now as anyone who reads much of what I write knows, I prefer open sights as I have very good vision.  I do know that many people need a little enlargement in order to help their aim as does my dad.  My dad usually uses my guns with scopes, and I use my trusty old 30-06 with iron sights.  I still target shoot and sight in with both a good bit. 
          Now this gun came with a Leupold scope that was made in the U.S.A. and are still made in Oregon.  I make it a point to carry this rifle once a year; sometimes I am lucky sometimes not.  I have at least three scopes, from other manufactures, none of which are as easy to zero in nor as accurate, shot after shot.  I am told that the new Leupold scopes are better than the old plus a lifetime guarantee.
          Now do not buy what you don’t need.  Hunting can get expensive if you listen to what salesmen say you need.  The problem with most of those salesmen is that they are usually trying to sell you a product made in China or some other anti-gun place in the world.  I seldom ever buy any new hunting or fishing gear, but when I do it is usually made in the U.S.A. as is most everything my wife and I purchase.  The products made here normally last longer and sometimes cost less up front. 
          I would like to thank Leupold for being American made and having a great product.  Buy American and save a job.  Buy abroad and lose a job. 
Marc Rosson / Hills N Creeks


Turkey Delight

          Spring turkey season is nearing over and here in Arkansas the population of turkeys is low.  It has been difficult for me to hunt turkeys with so few around.  I made a decision that if I was to get one this spring it would be taken by my son or daughter as I watched. 
          Well my kids and I have been out hitting it hard calling and listening.  My boy gave me a great laugh.  We were on our way, through the timberland to sit and call between two small grassy spots, when I heard it gobble.  We were not quite there.  We got around about 30 minutes slower than we expected to.  You know it those turkeys beat us out of bed.
          We were maybe 50 yards from our set down place I knew we would not make it.  The gobbler was already on that hump and we were in the grass with no place to hide.  We looked like two sticks a tall one and a midsized one.  I told my boy, “Get ready you are about to see him.”  He was excited and nervous all at once.  Not 10 seconds later that red head popped up.
          Sometimes mistakes are hard to say but I never cocked the hammer for him and we both watched him go away.  My boy’s eyes were as big as baseballs.  Just after that turkey made us and flew he asked, “Daddy, why did you not cock the gun.”  I told him, “Son, I guess I forgot.”
Marc Rosson


Feral Hogs or Ferocious Wild Hogs!

          In the early European settlements in North America domesticated hogs were brought here by the settlers along with other pets and livestock.  Pigs were a source of food, soap, etc.  Over the centuries some escaped or wandered away from captivity and reproduced in the wild.  Hogs, being very adaptive and smart, were able to survive times when other animal species were nearing extinct from starving humans and animals.
          I have raised a few pigs from time to time.  You can train a hog easier than a dog I believe.  They remember well.  I have hunted and trapped wild hogs here in Arkansas.  I have seen first hand the destruction that can be done by them in fields and wildlife habitats. 
          Free ranging hogs in many cases will stay their distance from humans, but they can be ferocious and injure or kill other animals or humans.  In the wild their diet can consist of roots, acorns, dead animals including pigs for they like blood, snakes, etc.  By rooting and digging using their nose as a shovel, they destroy fields, crops, and woodland floors.  These actions destroy valuable food sources that maintain the survival of native deer, birds, and other wildlife.
          The most effected areas seem to be the central to the Southeast.  Some states have different approaches to the problem than others.  At least one state, it is one of my neighboring states, does not regulate the redistribution of these animals yet.  There are some states that allow hunting of hogs only in seasons except by property owners with destruction issues. 
           To one extent or another all these states agree that feral hogs are destructive to both private and public property and devastating to the natural ecosystem.  The hogs pose a significant threat as far as diseases to domesticated livestock as well as humans.
          When you are out there hunting and you see a wild hog, don’t let it waltz out of your sights. Drop it in its tracks and give a little back to the turkeys, deer and other native game.  If you see someone relocating feral hogs contact your wildlife department. 
Marc Rosson /


Trapping feral hogs

Whether you are using a small trap or large trap as long as it is open to the ground this will work.  You will need to place the trap in an area that is currently being used by hogs.  In the past, while trapping pigs, I was asked a number of times how to get a lot of pigs in a trap, but I would not give my secret.   I will now as it can be well used. 
          First you have to make them all want to get in at once.  Like other livestock hogs eat as they move along.  To catch many you need a trap pen at least 8 foot by 8 foot and have 2 compartments one to hold today’s catch and one to catch tomorrows.  Be sure to anchor it!  Use a bar to make a lot of small round holes from outside to inside make twice as many inside.  Spread corn over the area and in the holes for them to dig up then run over the top of the area with a shovel or garden rake so that it looks worked by a hog.  Repeat after the hogs find it and then repeat it again only this time set the trap putting the trip in a corner opposite the door. 
          The trip cord will need to be just above the ground if it is too high they may go under it without catching any.  Move your first catch to the holding area rebait, and you should catch more.  The putting of the corn in holes came from my dad using domestic hogs to dig stumps out of the ground. 
Marc Rosson/    



Likeable Firearms

          I like looking at guns and shooting. I cannot go into a store that sells guns and not look.  More and more guns are made overseas now days including my former favorite H&R / New England Firearms.  If the gun is assembled here some parts may be made overseas.  I may just be picky, but I usually will not buy hunting or fishing merchandise that are made in countries where its citizens have no rights to firearms.
          Now I have been looking at some guns for a while made by Ithaca. Ithaca is a company in the northeast U.S. that makes shotguns, and I may just have to get me one.  I like single shots, double barrels, pumps, and bolt actions.  One shot at a time can make you think before pulling the trigger giving you a more secure shot.
          I like wood stocks on guns it just looks natural. The synthetic stocks will never last as long as a well kept wood stock,  I think.  My reasoning is synthetic stocks, made from plastic source, which is a byproduct of oil. If you have been around plastic barrels and bottles you know after a long period of time plastic dries out and become brittle. Please send your stories and pictures to
Marc Rosson


Hunting and Politics

          How often do you think about the effects that governmental policies have on hunting?  Does one political party completely hold to the Second Amendment?  When you work hard all year just to get a hand full of days to hunt, does gun rights cross your mind while voting?  To me, the Second Amendment matters for several reasons.
          Reason 1: Without the right to bear arms many people would not be able to traditionally gather meat for there family.  The wildlife population would grow out of bounds, and many animals would die of disease and or starvation as when the government has stepped in before.  Insurance premiums would rise from accidents etc.
          Reason 2:  Without the right to bear arms we could not defend ourselves and property!  As it is now you nearly have to be being killed to defend yourself, but if you were killed by an intruder in your home, the murderer if convicted would normally get very little time in prison.  Laws are made to protect the murderers, thieves, drug dealers, gangs, etc.
          Reason 3: With so many citizens in this nation owning firearms and knowing how to use them, most nations would not want to war with us on our land.  Before September 11, 2001 taking our gun rights away by many politicians was on the front burner and going strong.  After 9-11 it cooled some with the surge of many citizens purchasing firearms.  Depending on who is the next president and how many radicals are re-elected in congress, it could sadly be placed on the hot front burner again.
           Reason 4: To infringe upon a right that has been alive longer than any of our politicians, and was the means by which our grandfathers, way back yonder, won our independence is wrong!  Any giving in to anti-gun radicals is wrong, and any sportsman that does not take these threats seriously while voting may wake one day to having the right to hunt with sling shots.  If it was up to me, we would elect someone like Ted Nugent president an excellent musician and hunter.    
Marc Rosson


Buck Talk

          Once upon a time, and not so long ago in mid America, there were two Bucks having a conversation at Rough River, the local water hole. Many Points, while holding his drink said, “Little Buck, that man with the bow up in the tree across the river smells nasty.” Laughing, Little Buck said, “Yea, he didn’t wash his hands when he went to the rest room did he.”  “Nope,” said Many Points, “but that was nice of him for we will not be on his menu.”
           Many Points crossed the river staying out of arrow range wagging his tail and grunting just taunting the smelly hunter. Little Buck yelled, “Many Points, hey man, I am headed to Grass Lands Field you want to come.”  I am right behind you. Once teamed up they started on their way.  They had made it about 100 yards down Crooked Trail when Little Buck jumped, then laid down.  Many Points ran hard for 50 feet and looked back.  Little Buck was now on Clean John’s menu.  Mr. John lives up to his reputation of leaving no tracks to his location.
Marc Rosson


Preserving Gun Rights

          Lawyer’s ewe, that word just sounds nasty.  Leave it as it is I believe lawyers are one of the big problems with most things in this country, but in order to preserve our gun rights they are part of what it takes. 
          In most states, if not all, convicted murderers and armed robbers are given little time in prison and then released to go do another crime.   Victims are not really considered.  They are dead, but the perpetrator is still alive there is no point hurting him!  That is a problem that needs to be resolved in state governments. 
           Governmental officials will not broaden the self defense laws to freely terminate any intruder on our own.  Murderers are being released from prison constantly. Politicians and some victims blame gun owners and manufactures for the problem, rather than who is responsible the politicians and the murderer themselves.  It is time for gun manufactures and gun owners to get together and sue the state governments. 
          What, did you say that can not be done, why not?  Sure, unless you are paying an attorney they probably will not be interested because lawyers like money.  By suing the government to get tougher laws on the books and reprimand judges and prosecutors for short sentences for murderers, lives would be saved and the hatred for guns, in some cities, would be lowered. Think about it, working together success is possible. 
Marc Rosson


Sneaky Buck

          After a day of deer hunting me and a couple of hunters in our club sat at the y in the road and talked a bit.  They were calling it a day and were going out to catch the dogs and round up the other standers.  I decided to stay there at the y a little longer, because the previous week after the dogs came through I had killed a nice eight point there.  I wasn’t use to the whole idea of dog hunting because I was from Texas and there I still hunted, no dogs allowed.  I was banking though that if a buck came out once after the dogs It could happen again deer are smart and get use to patterns.
          I hadn’t sat there in my truck just a few minutes when out popped a doe, I don’t really like to kill does so I let her go.  Shortly there after out came a nice buck, eight point, following the doe.  I put my scope on him and just short of pulling the trigger, out of the corner of my scope was another buck this one was very good.  It was a ten point, with good even tines.  I laid him down and  knew then that my time had paid off.    

By: M.D.G.



Tips From the Boy

          I take my kids outdoors with me a lot. This last year I learned a great lesson from my boy. We were in one of my tree stands and had seen several does and small bucks.  My boy was quiet just watching.  We were there a couple of hours when I could hear some light crackling to my back.  I looked out the corner of my eyes; it was a doe and a buck.
           I told my boy quietly that there were two deer behind us. My boy looked at me and said, “No Daddy, they are right there.”  All you could see was flag.  Please send your stories and pictures to
Marc Rosson



Big Points

          The past I had been out scouting for wildlife. I look and check for the big bucks and the turkeys here at home.  I have seen a lot of does, fawns, and some pretty good bucks. The other day, with camera in hand, I was just looking over an area where about the past three years I have seen a good number of bucks with nice racks.
          I was looking slowly and cautiously hoping to get a good picture. Out of the corner of my eye brush started moving or so I thought. It was not brush moving; it was horns and a lot of them and some fair bodied deer. I was close enough to tell you I have made reservations on my wall for one of those boys.           The smallest rack was at least an eight point and two were at least twelve points with a good base.  I usually do not get too excited over horns, since I cannot eat them, but there were five of them I could see and probably more that I could not see.  After they got past I realized I had my camera. Oh well, maybe I will get their picture next time.  Please send your stories and pictures to:
Marc Rosson


Nothing But The Truth

           Over the past eight months I have noticed a couple of young deer feeding, early of the morning, in a yard near our home.  I knew the man that lived there had two large dogs not mean but rather big and well fed. 
           A while back I was nearing his house when I saw those two deer run across the road.  I said to myself , “They got spotted by the dogs”.  Directly the dogs crossed the road and then quickly ran back to the yard.  Right on those dogs’ tails came the deer chasing the dogs.  This just amazed me them dogs are so fat I really felt sorry for them having to run from those little deer. 
Marc Rosson


Hand Hunting

          I use to have a job where I was over a crew of Hispanics.  There were a couple of those guys liked armadillo dinners.  Since we were working on a large ranch we were always seeing those critters in the evening. A lot of times I would stop when we were driving in and let the guys out and say, “If you can catch it you can have it.”  I could hardly get the words out, and they would be out of the truck.
          Armadillos are not very aware of their surroundings, but when they are spooked they can jump and run fast. The guys were very good at catching them. Once in a while, one would get away, and sometimes I would catch one for them with my 22.
          Armadillo has some of the prettiest meat there is.  I have heard they carry leprosy, but I do not know.  I will tell you this, I was taught by those guys if you put enough spices in food and cook it long enough, all meat taste the same.  Please send your pictures and stories

Marc Rosson


Best Shot

          When you were in school do you recall hearing: practice, practice, practice. Sure you do whether in sports, band, choir, academics, etc.  Shooting takes practice as well. I am a firm believer in shooting year round.  This keeps you and your gun familiar to each other.  Nearly all my shooting is done with open sights.
          I realize a lot of people cannot do that for eye sight problems.  When shooting free handed with open sights, I can tell you quickly whether I like the gun or not.  A lot of times the gun is too heavy at one end or other seeming to make it difficult to steady the gun barrel.  I must also make sure that I can shoot well with both my right and left hand.
          If the barrel seems heavy, add a little weight to the stock end.  If the stock seems heavy, add a sissy pad which should extend where you place your hand on the forearm and balance the gun a little better.  When you are looking for a gun to purchase, picking one that will fall in your arms and you can hold steady at all angles.  This is priceless.    
Marc Rosson


Presidential Race 2008

          I am the man that votes for an American that is for the best person to keep our nation free.  I will not, nor have I voted party lines.  The current presidential race has really disgusted me up till now.  The Democrat choice is kind of young and has pretty speeches with no context and has an older vice president pick that has been in politics since Sherman’s march across Georgia. 
           The Republican choice has John McCain who is older and has been in politics since Teddy Roosevelt was president. The Republican Vice Presidential pick Governor Palin is the outdoors enthusiast and the average working class people’s best friend.  McCain seems to have more backbone than his opponent and with a woman VP that has more backbone than the Democrats.  That is real change and worthy of a vote.
          I try to keep up with the news via TV or internet.  I was disappointed with Bill O’Reilly speaking that Palin had little experience compared to Obama.  I expected that from others that did it, not him.  I was on the other hand surprised Hannity really took up for her.  The Governor’s position is an executive position; decisions are made and dealt with. 
         Senators, that actually show up for work, do rather little as far as hard, life or death situations.  Many do nearly nothing at all except lie and gripe.  Example, look at the last two years then look back many more.  A pro gun presidential candidate and an outdoors woman with roots in that area for vice president is a great choice. 
Marc Rosson


Stand Safety

          I love to hunt by stalking, but I also hunt from stands and there are a lot factors that can make stands dangerous. Long before any hunting season starts I inspect all of my stands both permanent and climbing. I check and repair my stands early so that it does not disturb wildlife in during season. Your stand should be solid whether free standing or fastened to a tree.
          You should have a string to pull your bow or gun up. In a climbing stand you need to be careful when climbing it up or down.  I know a man that was in climbing mode and his butt slipped over the top bar, his feet were in the straps, and fell back and was hung upside down and could not pull himself back up.           After sometime some fellow hunters came along and got him down and got him to the hospital. If he would have been there much longer he would have died. When he was found he was swollen and, his color had changed.  Always be careful.  Please send your stories and pictures to 
Marc Rosson


Four Major Outdoor Stores

          I love going shopping from time to time and, well you guessed it, I usually in hunting and fishing stores or Home Depot.  I do not usually buy much because I do not use the newest gadgets.   I keep my practice up year round.  I recently went to four of the largest outdoor retail chains in four days.           I went to Gander Mountain first, then Academy  Sports and Outdoors, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and finally  Bass Pro Shops. I checked out the ammunition, firearms, décor, clothing, fishing and camping supplies, and gear. I this was my first trip to Sportsman’s Warehouse; I was just as impressed with it as I was with the other three the first time.
          Each time I go on a trip I check for the outdoor stores I can visit while I travel. This makes for great rest breaks and there are no two exactly alike. I had planned this trip well and wanted to see what kind of price differences and draws each one had. This was fun because each one had great draws and pricing. 
          I would guess that if you were to purchase a wide variety of the same products in each store you would pay roughly the same amount.  Two stores had better prices on the particular guns I priced, one better on décor, all were better on clothes in their own way, two were a little better on ammunition.   All in all, they were nice stores.   By the way, I received no money from any of these stores.
Marc Rosson





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      Foot Comfort

       About four years ago I got fed up with socks I was going through a pair or so a week.  They were getting holes and were very uncomfortable which got me wore out quicker.
        I am in my feet all the time working and playing, as some people call it.  My wife had bought different brands and even took advice from her friends, but they would not hold up and were not comfortable. They were all foreign made it seemed.
        If you have read much of my writings then you know, I do not care much for products made overseas.  Well cut to the chase I went searching on my own.  I bought 2 pair of socks made by Wigwam and made in the USA. 
        I wore holes in the rest of the socks I had while wearing the new pairs.   After around a month later I bought 5 more pair.  A couple of years later I bought some for my mom and last year some for dad. 
         It took me 3 years and around 9 months, approximately 200 times of wearing through rough and tough conditions to wear a hole in one sock.  These socks have kept their comfort too.
        Don’t be bashful buy American it will save you money.  I believe Wigwam has great American products and it will keep your neighbors employed. 
        I was not paid for this.  It is my opinion, and it is up to you to find out for yourself.  I would like to thank Wigwam for, not only having a great product but also being made in the USA.

Marc Rosson


HPL PureSport LLC  

Foxy Fox Squirrel

I could not cook this fellow he was so cute. So I only shot a picture.