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gillham Lake
Gillham Lake

Gillham lake is within five miles of my home.  It is a beautiful place to be.  It is fed by the Cossatot River, a very rough river that people float a lot for thrills.  




About Us

          We are located in the foot hills of the Ouachita Mountains at Gillham, in Southwest Arkansas.  We are surrounded by numerous lakes and rivers in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.   We have two nice lakes within six miles and another about twelve miles, these are the closest.  It is a rural area and small town.  Growing up I hunted and fished, number one it was for food and number two it was something I love to do.
          I have traveled a good bit and have been to nearly every continental state and a part of Southern Canada.  There are a lot of beautiful lands, wildlife, parks, etc. from north to south, and to east to west.
          I love the outdoors as much as ever. It is a great place to go and relax. You can relax in many different ways like; hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback, or camping.  I have many, many stories from my experiences just like everyone else, and that is what this site is about.  You share your story with others and vise verse.  It is not about just a few people’s experiences, but the many. 
          Real stories in real settings can bring out the need to be careful and safe. Please E-MAIL your story with no foul language a picture that is part of the story, if you have one.  We will edit only if needed. I thank you for visiting here and hope you return soon.  Send your stories and contact information to:
Marc Rosson




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Sometimes a photo is great no matter how good it is.  A picture that is very dificult to take gives itself character.  I am sometimes more proud of the project that I do that turn out not so well, than of the ones that are great.